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Capel & Bragg Productions presents Corona Daze

London Dates Now On Sale

April 17th-25th

May 19th-25th

It is March 2020 and the public is demanding action against the coronavirus.

Parodying the absurdities of life under government lockdown, Corona Daze follows the story of Nicky Parsons, mother, wife and ambitious Norwich estate agent.

At the outset, Nicky has the lockdown nailed. But before long, things descend into hand sanitising chaos as Nicky loses control of her life (and loo roll stock).

Over Skype conversations with her rule-breaking mum, Nicky shares the farcical and frightening reality of imposed isolation. Under socially distanced duress, Nicky is forced to re-evaluate her whole life.

Corona Daze is a humorous portrait of a woman on a housebound journey of enlightened self-discovery.

Edinburgh Fringe 2023

Despite being woefully late in sending off a press release, and in the absence of any printed write-ups, it was thrilling to read reviews left by audience members.

Capel & Bragg Productions presents Corona Daze